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Stuff On My Rat!
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This journal is dedicated to Stuff On Your Rat. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The point of this community is mainly Stuff On Your Rat. BUT...if you have a picture of a rat on some stuff, or just an irresistibly cute picture you can't help but share...that's okay too.

Community Rules:

** No ratties must be harmed in the making of cute pictures. :P

** No flaming someone for picturing their rat with another species. If they're dog/cat/ferret/other was going to kill said rat, there wouldn't be a picture with said animal.

** There will be no "Well, thats not stuff on a rat, or rat on stuff...its just a picture!" The point of this community if cute rat pictures - if there's some stuff on your rat - even better!

** This community is for pictures, and not to be mean, but if you have a question (unless its short) take it elsewhere. This is a photo community.

** All pictures must be placed behind a cut, I don't care how many or how small they are.

** Please have fun.

-Your friendly neighborhood Mod.

--Problems or questions, stuffonmyrat@livejournal.com--